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Prevent and detect identity theft

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Identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America, is when someone uses another person's personally identifying information to commit fraud. This can include someone borrowing money in someone else's name, leaving victims of identity theft with debt and credit problems.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that 17.6 million U.S. residents experienced identity theft in 2014*. Avoid becoming a statistic!

Keep your information safe!

Regularly monitor your financial information. Review your various financial accounts and statements. Also, request a free copy of your credit report every year and review it. Be alert to things that require immediate attention:

Act quickly when you suspect identity theft. Review the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) victim recovery guide. Understand identity theft in relation to student loans. A federal student loan may be cancelled if it was falsely certified as a result of a crime of identity theft. See the loan cancellation, forgiveness, and discharge chart for more information.