Mapping Your Future: Don't lose control on the downhill slope


Don't lose control on the downhill slope

By Catherine Mueller

January 05, 2018

The last semester of high school may seem like you are skier on the final downhill slope to the finish line. You're gathering up speed as you approach the end. However, make a mistake, and you may not cross the finish line.

Just like for skiers who know that the entire race course is important, high school students need maintain focus throughout their entire four years.

The last four or five months of high school are just as important as all the previous months for a number of reasons:

  • College Admission – Even if you've been accepted into a postsecondary institution, whether it's a four-year university, community college, or technical program, they can rescind your admission for any variety of reasons. Make sure you maintain good grades and good behavior.
  • Events and Deadlines – There are a number things you will have to do this semester – both for your high school and for your future endeavors. It's important that you stay on top of your game and keep track of all your obligations. For example, make sure you've met the graduation requirements and mark the special events on your calendar – honors banquets, celebrations, and, of course, graduation.
  • The Future – Now is a good to make sure you are ready for your future. If you are going away to college, are you ready to be on your own? Don't wait until you are away at college to learn how to do laundry or to manage your own money.

Graduation from high school is a big achievement. You've worked hard so don't let a mistake in this last semester cost you a crowd-cheering, spectacular finish.