Mapping Your Future: Four resolutions for students in 2018


Four resolutions for students in 2018

By Catherine Mueller

January 05, 2018

By the time you are in high school or college, you have established some habits – whether bad or good.

At the risk of sounding too much like your mother and getting an eye roll, I have to say that I hope that most of the habits are good ones.

But, even if you already have good habits, it never hurts to review how you're doing and maybe build some new habits.

To get started, here are four resolutions you should consider for 2018.

  • I resolve to attend class. In addition to being physically present for class, make sure you are also mentally present. Not only do you need to attend class but also be fully engaged. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before.
  • I resolve to get organized and be aware of assignment due dates. It's easy to get overwhelmed with multiple classes and multiple assignments. Set up a system that works for you but don't wait until a few days before a big project is due to start working on it. Set up milestones, such as a date that you will have done all your research or a date you will begin writing and mark those on the calendar as well as the final due date.
  • I resolve to do the reading for my classes. You'll certainly get the most from your classes if you are prepared and part of that preparation is doing all the readings. After all, your teacher or professor isn't assigning you busy work. The readings provide a solid foundation for what you will discuss in class.
  • I will seek help when I need it. Unfortunately, too many students wait until it's too late to get help with their studies. If you feel you are struggling with some of the assignments or you've scored poorly on a quiz, think about talking to the teacher or professor. They want you to succeed in their class and can provide assistance or guide you to other outside resources.

These resolutions and maybe some others that you come up with for yourself will help do well in school and help you with the ultimate goal having a successful life.