Mapping Your Future: Preparing for the worst - managing disaster relief programs


Preparing for the worst - managing disaster relief programs

By Catherine Mueller

July 12, 2018

In times of disaster, it helps to have your burden lifted.

That's the purpose of the regulatory relief in times of disaster. Fortunately, we haven't experienced the kinds of disasters in 2018 that we saw in 2017.

However, many institutions and students are still feeling the impact of those disasters. In addition, the time to prepare for a disaster is when we are not in the midst of one.

To help you manage your disaster relief program, the Department of Education offers an online presentation, as well as offers guidance in the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL GEN-17-08) issued last August following some of the hurricanes and other disasters.

According to the Department of Education, regulatory relief applies to those located in federally declared disaster areas designated for "Individual Assistance." Regulatory relief also applies to institutions, guaranty agencies, and servicers located in disaster areas.

Regulatory relief is welcome at any time but, in times of disaster, it is critical.