Mapping Your Future: Mapping Your Future turns 22 this summer


Mapping Your Future turns 22 this summer

By Catherine Mueller

July 11, 2018

Since Mapping Your Future debuted online on September 1, 1996, we've seen a lot of websites come and go – both within the financial aid industry and outside of our industry. Through the years, we've changed – but continued, without ceasing, our committee to serve schools, students, and families.

Mapping Your Future started when a group of five state and nonprofit education agencies decided to collaborate to provide information and services via the web. At that time, the leaders of the agencies didn't know what types of services we would be able to provide but knew that we could deliver these services better by working together and staying true to our mission to serve schools, students, and families. They also recognized the great potential in providing valuable services via the Internet and thanks to them, we were one of the first websites available, providing college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy information.

Since that time, Mapping Your Future has developed into a national financial aid industry collaborative project. We've also partnered with other financial aid industry organizations and include many school financial aid professionals in the development of future enhancements to the site.

Today, Mapping Your Future is powered by Money Management International and continues as a national collaborative organization of agencies and other supporters. Over 680 schools have Online Counseling accounts, over 600 educators have Guide to Life after High School accounts, and many other schools use other services on the site, including MappingXpress, the calculators, and other website features.