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May 2022
Vol. 14 - Issue 5

Six essential skills for new college students

Soon-to-be college students have the expectation of learning a lot in college, and rightfully so.

Is it too late to complete the FAFSA?

Maybe you have put off completing the FAFSA, the federal student aid application, because, after all, you have a million other things to do.

Knowing what to pack for college

If you plan to live in a dorm for the fall semester, you can start preparing now by knowing what you plan to take with you.

How a campus tour can be critical to your college success

A key to a successful college experience for some students is being in the right environment.

Three things high school students should be doing now to prepare for their senior year

Senior year of high school is exciting, but the truth is – it can also be very overwhelming.

Boost your life-long financial success by doing this now

The secret to financial success isn't having more money. Instead, the secret is in how you manage what money you do have.

Department of Education takes steps to help millions of borrowers

The Department of Education recently announced steps that will bring borrowers closer to public service loan and income-driven repayment forgiveness by addressing what they called historical failures in the administration of the federal student loan programs.

May tasks for high school seniors



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