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Guide To Life After High SchoolSM

Learn about careers, academic preparation for college, how to pay for college, and managing your financial life after high school graduation.

Success In College Guide

Learn how to be a successful college student, making the most of your investment in your education.

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Read our 12-step guide to financial success

Bank balancing tool

Reconcile your checking and savings account records with your bank's records

Bank Balancing tool
Budget calculator

Develop a saving and spending plan

Income-based repayment calculator

Estimate your monthly payment amount under the income-based repayment plan for various federal student loans

Loan consolidation calculator

Estimate your consolidation loan interest rate and payment amount

Refinance calculator

Determine whether refinancing is a good option

Savings calculator

Use this calculator to see how your savings can grow.

Student loan debt/salary wizard

Calculate the salary needed to pay your student loan debt

Student loan repayment calculator

Estimate your student loan payments

Weighted average interest calculator calculator

Multiple loans? Calculate your average interest rate

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If you can't attend one of our scheduled webinars, we encourage you to take advantage of these on-demand webinars.

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