Mapping Your Future: The one event every "soon-to-be" college student needs to attend


The one event every "soon-to-be" college student needs to attend

By Catherine Mueller

January 18, 2018

Your life is about to change.

For most high school students, the four years of high school are pretty much the same. Sure, you've taken different classes, participated in a variety of activities, and matured a lot in four years.

However, those changes have all been in a familiar environment, and those changes in high school have been minor compared to what you have in store as you pursue postsecondary education. This information isn't meant to scare you. Instead, it is to help you prepare and manage through what can be a very exciting and inspiring time of your life.

So, what should you expect your freshman year? The specific answer to that question will depend on what school you plan to attend and what program of study you plan to pursue.

That's why it's so important that you attend orientation for the college or school you plan attend. Some colleges or schools even require you to complete a pre-orientation session online before registering for orientation to prepare you for a successful orientation session.

Orientation is the key to being prepared to handle that freshman year. The orientation session is where you'll get the answers to any questions you might have, such as how to register for classes (and you may even register while you are there), what buildings your classes will be in, and where to get any kind of help when you need it.

Sure, it's tempting to skip orientation – or not pay attention. However, orientation is critical to getting your postsecondary education off to a good start. Isn't that how you want to begin the rest of your life?