Mapping Your Future: Documenting completion of FSA Training courses


Documenting completion of FSA Training courses

By Cathy Mueller

February 01, 2022

More knowledge, in and of itself, is a good thing.

But sometimes we must prove that we have gained some additional knowledge – maybe for an annual evaluation or for a job interview.

That’s where the FSA Training Center’s new completion certificates will come in handy. Earlier this week, the Department of Education announced the implementation of Certificates of Completion as a new feature of the Training Center.

According to the announcement, a certificate of completion is now available for almost all training on the FSA Training Center including the Fundamentals Training Series, FSA Basic Training for New Staff, EDExpress Training, and all Learning Tracks on the site. The Department said a certificate is available once all the course requirements are met, such as reviewing all lessons and passing one or more assessments.

To download or print a certificate once a course is finished, choose the certificate on the course landing page once the requirements have been met and the certificate is highlighted. Certificates for previously completed training can also be obtained, but only for the 2021-22 award year and forward.

For assistance with certificates, email