Mapping Your Future: Three benefits of scholarships in addition to the money


Three benefits of scholarships in addition to the money

By Catherine Mueller

February 14, 2022

Money for college.

Ask anyone why they pursue a scholarship, and that is the answer you’ll most likely hear.

While the money for college is certainly important and one of the main reasons to pursue scholarships, the rewards go beyond just the financial. Here are just three benefits of scholarships in addition to the money you’ll receive to help pay for college.

  • Recognition – Scholarships are often recognition of a student’s past achievements and of the student’s future potential to achieve great things in both their education and career. Because of this, scholarships should be included on a student’s resume as a part of their awards and honors.
  • Networking – Many scholarships are awarded by professional associations and community organizations and may include being honored at a dinner or conference. These events are a great opportunity for students to meet and network with professionals, some of whom may work in their career field of interest and may be a connection for a future job.
  • Validation – A scholarship is confirmation by an outside party that you are on the right path to success. While this benefit should be received with humility, it may give you the confidence to persevere in your education and career pursuit.

As you research scholarships, consider these benefits, as well as the financial award, to determine which scholarships you want to seek. Remember that these benefits can make even small scholarships worth the time to complete the application and other requirements.