Mapping Your Future: Making informed career decisions


Making informed career decisions

By Catherine Mueller

February 20, 2023

A career decision is both emotional and practical.

After deciding what you want to do (emotional), there are the practical questions:

  • Do I have the skills for the career?
  • What is the job outlook for this career field.

To answer those practical questions, students, parents, and counselors may want to look at the ACT Career Readiness Benchmarks Dashboard. According to ACT, the dashboard provides “meaningful insights to help students, parents, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders make informed decisions and improve education and career outcomes.”

To understand how to use the dashboard, ACT provides a 19-minute webinar featuring Mary LeFebvre, ACT Director State Government Relations and Workforce Policy.

The webinar:

  • provides an overview and demo of the ACT Career Readiness Benchmarks Dashboard
  • highlights key benefits and use cases for the Dashboard for students and educators
  • provides best practice examples for state policy and district level programs for career exploration

The data visualization tools are found in the Research area of the ACT website.