Mapping Your Future: Reminder about student aid website two-step verification


Reminder about student aid website two-step verification

By Catherine Mueller

December 15, 2022

Students and parents who completed the FAFSA or set up an account this fall at, already know about the two-step verification now required.

Now anyone who has an older account will be required to begin using the two-step verification by December 12.

The two-step verification is required when establishing an FSA ID (basically the same as creating username and password for an account The process involves providing a phone number or email address where a code can be sent. The code is then entered before the student or parent can proceed. Users also have the option to use an authenticator app.

According to the Department, the two-step verification is “a commonly used process that adds an extra layer of security on an account and helps prevent cybercriminals from illegally obtaining personal information and credentials.”

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