Online Counseling User's Guide

Reset your password

The Access Area passwords expire every 90 days. When the password has expired and you attempt to log into the account, you will receive an “expired credentials” message above the login box and will need to reset the password. If you receive an “invalid credentials” message, you have entered an incorrect user name or password. If your password reaches 180 days old and you try to log into the account, your access will be inactivated and you will be directed to reapply for access by completing the appropriate form (super user request or the additional user request).

To reset a password that has expired or which you have forgotten, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Forgot Your Password link in the middle of  the login box
  2. Type in your user name
  3. Answer your security question that you set up when you initially requested access.  NOTE: The security answer is case-sensitive.
  4. On the password change form, you can reset your password as well as your security question and answer, if necessary. 

If your password has been compromised or you wish to reset it for other reasons, you can also change your password when you are logged into your Access Area by clicking on Reset password.