Online Counseling User's Guide

Review your counseling participation

Mapping Your Future offers a variety of counseling types. Be sure your account is set up for the sessions best suited to your needs and those of your borrowers:

  • Direct Loan entrance 
  • Direct Loan exit 
  • Spanish Direct Loan entrance
  • Spanish Direct Loan exit 
  • Perkins entrance
  • Perkins exit
  • Direct Loan and Perkins combined entrance
  • Direct Loan and Perkins combined exit
  • Nursing entrance
  • Nursing exit
  • Health Professions entrance
  • Health Professions exit
  • Direct PLUS entrance
  • Direct PLUS exit
  • Direct Loan and Direct PLUS combined entrance
  • Direct Loan and Direct PLUS combined exit
  • TEACH Grant exit
  • Financial Literacy
  • Grace Period and Repayment
  • Loan Management
  • Non-Traditional Student
  • Private Loan

Online Counseling meets all current U.S. Department of Education regulatory requirements, and the Direct Loan and Direct PLUS exit counseling sessions meet requirements under both the Federal Family Education Loan Program and William D. Ford Direct Loan Program; however, you need to take some additional steps to fully meet regulations. Read more about regulations.

When you login to your Access Area, you can review your current participation on the main page. To add a counseling type to your existing account, contact us.

Mapping Your Future also has a service for schools and others that want to create an online lesson, whether for institution, state, or private loans or any other subject matter appropriate for online learning. For a minimal fee, the customer can work with Mapping Your Future to provide a counseling or education program modeled after Online Counseling, including the security and record retrieval functions. If you're interested in Counseling and Online Education powered by Mapping Your Future, contact us.